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Friday, 8 June 2018


  • Japan is launching a new "clear" Coca-Cola edition.
  • The new soft drink is colorless, clear, and lemon-flavored.
  • Coca-Cola Japan manufactured the drink by leaving out the caramel flavor.
Ditching the dark-brown color that has been synonymous with Coca-Cola for decades, Japan has released a new version of the popular soda.

With a water-like appearance, "Coca-Cola Clear" is a zero-calorie, lemon-flavored drink, according to the manufacturer.

Coca-Cola Japan came up with the concept of leaving out the caramel ingredients that give the drink its distinct color and developed it for a year before the US headquarters gave the idea the green light.

More than 50 samples and flavors were experimented with before the decision to go with lemon was made.

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