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Thursday, 12 July 2018


Tigo’s Head of Mobile Financial Services, Hussein Sayed speaks to journalists in Dar es Salaam at the launch of the ‘Tigo Pesa ni Zaidi ya Pesa’ campaign. Tigo Pesa has also unveiled the ‘Self Care’ function that will enable customers to self-reverse any wrong transactions done when sending money via the network without necessarily requiring to call the customer care service. On the right is Tigo’s Head of Quality Assurance, Angelica Pesha.
  • Tigo Pesa unveils self-care service that allows customers to self-reverse wrong transactions to Tigo users. 
  • Strategic partnerships provide customers with exclusive services like Tigo Pesa Masterpass QR and Uber
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – July 12, 2018: Tigo Tanzania’s mobile financial service business, Tigo Pesa has launched the ‘Tigo Pesa ni Zaidi ya Pesa’ campaign as a testament to its status as a fully-fledged mobile financial service offering customers more, better and exclusive digital payment solutions.

The ‘Tigo Pesa ni Zaidi ya Pesa’ campaign underscores Tigo’s philosophy of innovating with customers in mind and providing better, simplified services that address the dynamic needs of consumers across the country. ‘Tigo Pesa has broadened its ecosystem, enriched the quality of its services, and introduced efficient ways for customers to enjoy swift, secure and unsurpassed experience in accessing mobile financial services wherever they are in Tanzania,’ said Hussein Sayed, Tigo’s Chief Officer for Mobile Financial Services during the campaign press launch event in Dar es Salaam today.

As part of the ‘Tigo Pesa ni Zaidi ya Pesa’ campaign, Tigo is proud to be the first and only telecommunications operator in Tanzania to launch mobile financial self-care services. The self-care service which is available through Tigo Pesa menu *150*01# allows customers to quickly reverse any wrong transactions made when sending money to Tigo numbers, without necessarily requiring the direct intervention of the customer care service staff.

‘Self-care service is a customer driven innovation that addresses one of the major pain points for mobile money customers. It’s a revolutionary innovation that will empower customers to have more control on their transactions and is designed with the adequate set of controls that mitigates abuse’ Hussein explained.

Shaping a new digital age of commerce and paving the way to cashless lifestyle, Tigo is also the first in the country to introduce the Masterpass QR payment solution that allows customers to quickly, easily and securely pay for goods and services by simply scanning the Masterpass Quick Response code at select outlets.

Additionally, Tigo has forged an exceptional partnership with technology company Uber that allows all Tigo customers to use the Uber app free of charge with no data costs. The first of its kind partnership is beneficial to existing Uber riders and driver-partners, encouraging more riders to use the Uber smartphone app to safely and affordably get from point A to B at the push of a button. Moreover, customers will enjoy free Uber rides when they do Bank-to-wallet transactions, a benefit they can only enjoy with Tigo Pesa.

Tigo Pesa is the fastest growing mobile money financial service in Tanzania, boasting over 7 million registered customers and a growing network of over 40,000 merchants and around 85,000 mobile money agents.

For years Tigo has been the frontrunner in the digital revolution of the telecommunications market. Tigo pesa was the first mobile financial services provider to share profits arising from its Tigo Pesa business as way of a dividend.  Tigo also worked to bring together operators and banks to create the world’s first interoperable mobile money market, and this interoperability has further eased financial mobile money transactions and increased financial inclusion. Tigo was also the first telecommunications company in Tanzania and East Africa to offer cross border mobile money transfer services with currency conversion, easing and increasing cross-border cash flows.

‘Through the ‘Tigo Pesa ni zaidi ya Pesa’ campaign, Tigo invites everyone to consider the huge strides that Tigo’s mobile financial service Tigo Pesa has made over the years. The campaign also welcomes everyone to join in the exciting journey as Tigo Pesa continues to empower Tanzanian consumers and businesses, increase financial inclusion, enhance digital experience and pave the way in cashless living,’ Hussein enthused.
About Tigo
Tigo Tanzania is the leading innovative telecommunication company in the country, distinguished as a fully-fledged digital lifestyle brand. Offering a diverse product portfolio in voice, SMS, high-speed internet and mobile financial services, Tigo has pioneered innovations such as Facebook in Kiswahili, TigoPesa App for Android & iOS users, Tigo Music (Deezer) and East Africa’s first cross-border mobile money transfer with currency conversion.

With over 11 million registered subscribers to their network, Tigo directly and indirectly employs over 300,000 Tanzanians including an extended network of customer service representatives, mobile money merchants, sales agents and distributors.
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