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Wednesday, 18 July 2018


President John Magufuli (fourth right), Minister of Internal Affairs Communist Party of China, Song Tao (fourth left) and CCM, ANC, SWAPO, ZANU-PF, MPLA and FRELIMO Secretary Generals at a foundation stone laying event for the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Leadership School at Kibaha in Coast Region on Monday.
Liberation political parties from countries in the Southern Africa believe the envisaged Mwalimu Nyerere Leadership School will cement their unity and cooperation in liberating the African economies.

CCM National Chairman John Magufuli on Monday laid the foundation stone for the 100bn/- facility whose two year construction is set to commence soon in Coast Region’s Kibaha District.

The six political parties believe the institute that will train political leaders from the respective countries will help to eradicate modern exploitation through new colonialism in the continent.

Besides CCM, other parties with their respective countries in brackets are FRELIMO (Mozambique), MPLA (Angola), ZANU PF (Zimbabwe), SWAPO (Namibia) and ANC (South Africa).

They were all represented by their Secretaries General at the event, with diplomats from the countries attending the colourful function as well.

Dr Magufuli said the school will be jointly owned by all six political parties, with the Communist Party of China (CPC) offering financial support, consultancy and running of the school, thanks to its massive experience.

Chinese Minister and Head of Department of Foreign Affairs in CPC Song Tao led the Chinese delegation to the foundation stone lying.

President Magufuli thanked former CCM leaders, including retired President Jakaya Kikwete for initiating talks with other liberation parties to set up the political college in the country.

The school will be offering short, mid and long-term courses on party ideologies and leadership to prepare the cadres into becoming good leaders.

“This idea came after realising a leadership gap especially at this time of multipartism. The school will be offering short, midindustry to produce good politicians,” Dr Magufuli argued.

He commended decision to name the school after the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, saying since he was one of the good leaders ever happened in the continent, the decision was to keep his legacy.

Mr Song stated that the six political parties were important in bringing economic liberation, emphasizing that the school will focus on strengthening leadership in the region.

He said China has been in good relationship with the parties for many years since the time of struggle for independence. CCM’s Secretary General Dr Bashiru Ally said the event was partly to implement the party’s 2015 election manifesto.

FRELIMO Secretary General Roque Silver described the function as crucial in unifying the liberation parties and cementing cooperation among them.

“The project is important for our political parties as it will serve as the pillar of cooperation and MPLA is ready to contribute to strengthen the school,” said MPLA Secretary General Antonio Kasoma.

ZANU-PF Secretary General Obadi Mpofu commented: “This is a memorable event...the flags of our countries flying high here testify CCM efforts to support liberation struggles in Africa.”

SWAPO Secretary General Sophia Swaniga said, “My delegation and I are here to witness the event to cement our cooperation and we are ready to contribute to the realisation of Nyerere’s dream to bind us together.”

ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule explained that the school will bring common stance on the commitment to develop values of patriotism and belief in equal rights.

“This will bind us all and liberalise people from economic bandage...our people are living in abject poverty, meaning that our liberation struggles aren’t complete,” he said.

The ruling CCM has since the 1950’s been embracing the culture of training its cadres and political leaders as well as counterparts from other African political parties that fought for independence.

Chinese CRJC Company which has been contracted to execute the school promised to build high standard structure to maintain the trust that exists between Tanzania and China.

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