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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


This year’s Easter has come in a special package for Vodacom Tanzania subscribers as they receive 5.9bn/- in dividends. This is the 9th round of benefit payouts to its customers and will be made to subscribers who were active as of 30th September 2017.

Speaking to reporters about modalities for this payout, Mr Ian Ferrao, Managing Director said these continued payouts demonstrate their commitment to reward their customers’ loyalty.

“This is the 9th payment of its kind that we have issued which will bring the total amount distributed so far to 99bn/-. Improving on former payment procedures, we plan to notify and provide sufficient information to our customers in advance so that they are well-informed on the forthcoming payment distributions,” he said.

Vodacom Tanzania has been paying out dividends on M-Pesa usage to its subscribers since 2016 and will continue to do so. Each customer will get an amount that will be dependent on their usage of the M-Pesa services for the period in question.

Upon receiving the bonus, customers will be free to use the amount however they wish; for instance sending it to friends and family through M-Pesa, paying bills, buying airtime, buying bundles directly from M-Pesa or cashing it out.

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