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Friday, 20 January 2017


Director of Taxpayers’ Education, Mr Richard Kayombo
Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) validation centres has enabled the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to easily reach taxpayers in various parts of the city, the Director of Taxpayers’ Education, Mr Richard Kayombo said yesterday.
Mr Kayombo told the ‘Daily News’ that the introduction of mobile centres has helped to reduce congestion and that the number of taxpayers who verify TIN has increased.
The mobile TIN validation centres were introduced last year, purposely to support in providing of service in different areas.
He said the centres have been allocated near areas with many companies or high populations to enable them validate their TIN without problems.
“So far I can say the whole exercise is going well, the introduction of mobile TIN validation centres has helped TRA to reach many people in a shorter time,” said Mr Kayombo.
Mr Kayombo said TRA continues to improve services by increasing validation centres and equipment for efficiency.

The TIN verification exercise, which started last year, is set to reach to an end on January, 31, this year.
TRA extended the deadline for the validation to January 31, following a massive turn up of the residents who are required to validate their TIN.
Moreover, with extending the deadline, TRA also increased the number of validation centres.
Mr Kayombo asked the public to be aware of conmen because the validation process compels TIN bearers to physically be at the centres.
The verification process is done by the taxpayer physicwally visiting the respective TRA offices for the purpose of verifying the taxpayer’s finger prints reflected in TRA’s system and submitting a completed TRA verification form and other supporting documents.
Last year, TRA introduced the requirement for all taxpayers registered with the authority to immediately verify their TIN.
The measure intended to assist the TRA’s efforts in ensuring its process of installing new and modern technology to make the taxpayers’ record keeping system more effective.

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