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Thursday, 29 May 2014


Barclays Bank Tanzania with Nkwamira Sustainable Life Trust has launched the out of school youth empowerment program in Dar es Salaam. Barclays Bank Tanzania has invested Tshs 120 million to facilitate the program which will benefit 200 disadvantaged youths in Dar es Salaam region.
Barclays’ group ambition is to empower 5 million disadvantaged young people with the skills they need to achieve economic independence and security by equipping them with Financial, Entrepreneurship and Life Skills.
“We do this by partnering with organizations which can identify the youths and facilitate the training activities,” Barclays Head of Marketing and Communications, Neema Rose Singo said.
Nkwamira Life Trust partnered with Barclays Bank Tanzania last year to create this program which has now begun with training activities for youths who have not succeeded in pursuing higher education and therefore giving them another chance at gaining skills which can be implemented to provide them with financial freedom. 
Speaking at the event, the Executive Director of Nkwamira Noreen Mazalla said the training will benefit youths who have finished form 4 and form 6 drawn from Dar es Salaam. The training is geared to empower the participants on how to start and manage small businesses.
The program was officially launched by the Chairman of IPP Group Dr. Reginald Mengi at an event which took place at Serena Hotel Dar es Salaam and was also attended by other partners of the program including International Labor Organization (ILO) who will provide experts for the training which will be taking place at Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) Dar es Salaam.
During the program, the trainees will sit through a series of courses including, ICT skills, marketing and social skills. Thereafter they will be placed in various organizations as volunteers where they can learn firsthand business skills and later on they will be required to come up with a business proposal which will be entered into a competition to acquire the best trainees from the project.
The top ten successful candidates after the training will be given seed capital to establish sustainable businesses whilst the remaining beneficiaries will be placed in various entities to ensure the newly acquired skills are fully utilized.
Nkwamira spearheads this project to ensure that the beneficiaries become role models in the society to encourage other youths to become entrepreneurs and promote economic status of the youth in the country.

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